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As the name suggests 'mono' means single or one and the basic concept of the software is that everything falls in same or single line. Mostly referred to the Straight line or the single leg MLM Plan, the Monoline MLM Software is one of the trendy and the best MLM Software Plan available nowadays.

Monoline MLM Plan is considered as the most effective MLM plans for network marketers who are looking forward to an excellent growth in MLM business. As a matter of fact; Monoline MLM is an attractive compensation plan, as there is no limit or no mandatory level of the compensation plan to work. 'Timing' is important in this plan as it is completely based on the 'First Come First Serve method'. Also reckoned as the straight-line MLM plan or Linear MLM Plan, this system has flourished to be a proven turnkey system for the Internet home business, which offers people regular chance to make a great income online, on a regular basis. The Monoline compensation plan allows the existing users to make money from every new user without doing any hard work. The main concept of this plan is to relate to falling in the similar mono line and pertaining to fall in the same mono or single line MLM plan. This is the reason why this plan has become really popular among all MLM or Multi-Level Marketing companies.

The Monoline MLM plan is also considered as the most effective MLM plan among the other plans. The incredible thing about this plan is that it is very closely related to the forced matrix plan. While starting the technical aspects, the Monoline plan has some amazing benefits over the forced matrix plan. In the case of Monoline plan, there is a huge chance to get paid every time any new member joins the network. On the other hand, the forced MLM plan works completely under a specific slot number. The structure of the downline entirely depends on the joining time stamp. As a result, the first one who gets into the network will receive most of the benefits.

How Monoline Plan MLM Software Works?

The Monoline MLM plan is a straight-line MLM plan which contains only one leg for every member. Monoline plan allows users to earn money without doing much hard work/effort.

Monoline plan is also known as Linear MLM Plan, This particular MLM plan offers to get a chance to get regular income through the internet aka network of networks. In Monoline MLM plan when a user added a certain number of users, they will get a free re-entry option and this will repeat as a cycle so that user will be getting a regular income.

Monoline Compensation Plans

The compensations and bonuses are different from organization-to-organization. The organizations define their compensation plan based on their policies and area of operations. As a leading provider of donation software system, we offer a wider range of compensations out-of-the-box. These configurations are manageable from the back-office. The compensations can be enabled or disabled whenever required. Solver Gift plan software platform is highly configurable and flexible to cover all the recommendations of all type organizations.

Referral Bonus

Like all other MLM software plan, Monoline MLM plan also has referral bonus or sponsor bonus, when a user refers or sponsor another member, he/she will be getting a certain amount of bonus amount. Like this way, a user can refer unlimited members and gain unlimited commissions/bonus. Interesting, isn't it?

Rejoin Bonus

This one is a special type of bonus of single-line MLM plan. In Monoline plan, the user will be getting a bonus while they get free re-entry right back into the system. Since this a single-line plan, the user gets many re-entry bonuses when the system grows on and on.

Matching Bonus

Like other MLM plans, Monoline MLM software plan also has a matching bonus. Which means a user gets some bonus like referral bonus or rejoin bonus, his/her sponsor will also be getting a bonus at the same time and this kind of bonus is known to be matching bonus.